YourPoll is Market Research Society Approved

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Don’t worry, YourPoll is looking after you.

YourPoll by JudgeService is accredited by the Market Research Society.

MRS is the UK professional body for research, insight, and analytics. As specialists in market research, we are proud to hold this accreditation as it is important to us that our partners and judges can trust us.

MRS regulate the highest professional standards and ensure all approved bodies adhere to their strict code of conduct.

They stay in constant contact with the government to make sure the market research stays at the front of commercial and political agendas.

YourPoll is a brand-new market research company, and as with anything, trust is key. We want the people we work with, our judges and our social media followers to be able to trust the work we are doing with their opinions.

We believe the data we gather from our omnibus surveys are benefitting everyone involved. Our partners receive real, verified, and quantifiable data. Our judges receive money into their bank accounts, it’s a win/win situation.

Our surveys have a vast range of topics, from current affairs, entertainment, leisure, and social issues. Also, look out for our “just for fun” polls on our social media channels, you find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Our QuickPoll surveys are a great taster of what YourPoll has to offer and can be filled out in a matter of seconds.

If you want to read more about the Market Research Society, you can follow this link here to find out more details.

Interested in partnering with us to get detailed insight from your service users/customers please get in contact on 01423 649031 or