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Real People

Our Judges are real people living in the UK. Every registrant is checked against the electoral roll as well as having a verified email address and mobile phone number. So, you can select our Omnibus Judges, Specific Panels and postcodes with confidence the results will be statistically valid from genuine people. You can select or split by age, sex, region, city or select one of our specialist Judges Panels.

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Real Scripting

Whether your questions are aimed to generate insight before making investment decisions or for public relations our Success Managers are here to ensure you get the script or question set right on. We test every script with our Super Judges before going to a wider audience to ensure you get the truth and the results you’re looking for.

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Real Rewards

How do we pull this together? We reward our Judges for each survey they complete at rates significantly higher than our competitors. This means our Judges are more motivated to complete our surveys quickly. We also pay out at a much lower threshold than many other omnibus panel providers.

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Real Partnerships

We encourage our partners to work closely with our Success Managers to provide their clients with the very best authentic insight and advice. Whether it’s refining data to achieve commercially useful insight or getting the right angle to garner public interest we work tirelessly to establish the best solution for long term, trusted and profitable relationships.

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