How YourPoll Works

Simple and Honest

We Enlist

We enlist Judge panellists to answer questions in our qualification surveys. After that, we ask them about things they have an interest in

We Use your
Client Database

Find out what your clients think about your new ideas for products or services

We Ask your

Unearth the thoughts of your colleagues – with every pair of hands you get a free brain


We reward them for completing these surveys

Then, on an ongoing basis we ask them to complete omnibus surveys for us and on behalf of our clients and partners.

We help our clients and partners to script surveys to produce really helpful results and we can, if required, deliver them within 24 hours. We’re happy to share our ratecard with clients and partners.

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    After that we help script your survey – to get authentic results you can use to make decisions or create relevant stories.

    Dependent on how quickly you need results we use email, text or phone calls to complete your sample. You can choose a panel or ask our general panel for feedback.

    When it comes to the results we can supply you and your audience with the raw data (often preferred by businesses and the media alike) as well as graphic presentations, media presentations and reports.

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