Frequently Asked Questions


What is YourPoll?

YourPoll is an innovative market research company conducting online polls to a paid panel of Judges.  We assist agencies, business, news organisations and public bodies to gather the opinion of either consumers or business owner’s attitudes, wants, needs and preferences. The opinions and information gathered are used by these organisations to tell stories, determine their product strategy and what services to offer.

What’s an online survey?

Online surveys are used by businesses and public bodies to inform them about what the public or a section of the public think.  The information is useful and so people are prepared to pay for you to complete them.  With YourPoll you can simply sign up to become one of our Judges today and start earning real money straight away.

What’s a Judge?

A Judge is our name for panellists on our range of YourPoll panels who can earn money online by completing our paid surveys.  Judges are rewarded for the number of surveys they complete and once they have reached the payment threshold they can get paid quickly using our online payment partner, HSBC.

Is it legit?

Yes – and we’re registered with the Market Research Society (MRS), who have their own code of conduct for market research.

Who pays for it?

Paid surveys are funded by agencies, businesses and public bodies to get feedback from the public on opinion. That’s why when you start a paid survey we ask for some information about your so that we can match surveys to your demographic.


Don’t ever sign up to a paid survey or opinion poll that:

1. Isn’t governed by the MRS Code of Conduct
2. Asks you for money up front
3. Asks you to enter your bank details when you register
4. Doesn’t comply with current data protection and privacy laws

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