Common Fixes


Why won’t my device work on the website?

Thank you so much for showing your interest in joining our community. We’re so happy to have you here with us!

Hopefully, everyone will be able to get signed up and complete their registration surveys with no issues. We know though, that with so many devices and different software types available we are aware you may face a  few hiccups along the way. Just in case you do, we want to be able to support you in your YourPoll journey with some common fixes.

Sign-up on a Mobile Device

Why won’t my device let me select options?

If you are having an issue with an Apple product then our first tip would be to check which software your device is using and update it. We know that there are some Apple devices out there that are not operating on the latest software. Unfortunately, Apple no longer support software below iOS 11 (Apple iOS 11-2017) which means that our programmes won’t work on anything below iOS11. If you cannot update the software on your device, then we would suggest using a different device.

Likewise, if you are using an Android product below Version 7 (Android 7.0-2016) you may encounter similar issues. Again, we would suggest updating your software (which will help your device run on other systems too!) or switching to a different device like a desktop computer or laptop.

The web-page doesn’t seem to want to load?

You may also come across a couple of website browser snags. An Apple related issue could be Safari (the native browser for Apple devices) stopping the page from opening. If that is the case, then a box will appear prompting you to follow the link.

If you don’t see this box then you may struggle to sign up. Sometimes Apple will push this to the bottom of the page which is difficult to spot on mobile phones. Don’t worry if you didn’t spot this, we will have registered your attempt to sign up and we will send you through a personalised link to your registration survey via email very soon.

Because Microsoft are no longer supporting Internet Explorer if you are using this browser you will need to update to Microsoft’s newer Microsoft Edge or one of the other web browsers available, for instance, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. This should improve your experience across the internet, not just on our website.

I couldn’t complete my registration survey, what happens now?

It’s very important that you complete the registration survey in order to get your £2.50 and so that we can send you relevant surveys. As soon as you enter your details to register our system will recognise you as having signed up but you need to complete the registration survey to enter the Judges portal.

During the registration survey you will also be asked to set your password for the Judges portal so that you can keep track of your earnings and keep your records up to date.

If, for whatever reason, you haven’t been able to complete the registration survey you won’t be able to sign into the portal and our system won’t let you sign up twice.

If that is the case HANG TIGHT(!) we will be sending your own personal registration link to you very soon for you to complete. At this point, after completing your registration survey, you will gain access to the portal and see your £2.50 waiting for you in your Judge wallet.

We’ve got you!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at if you encounter any other issues.

Your feedback will help us to build a stronger community and we appreciate your patience whilst we discover and fix any problems. We’re so happy that you’ve signed up at this early stage, we truly appreciate you joining our community and look forward to sending you surveys soon.